The reason I have a wishlist is because you amazing human beings sometimes like to bring me a gift – which I love!! But you can’t possibly know what I like/wish for, so I have received pink gym socks lol (I hate pink), wine I don’t like and candy I don’t eat. This way you’ll know what I want. Gifts are optional, I really do appreciate them, but never expect them.

My wishlist is simple and more practical. No designer shoes, bags, clothing or diamonds here! Although I do have a weak spot for Alexander MqQueen bags as they are edgy, unique and have those cute skull add-ons – which is my thing! But I don’t spend my money on that kind of luxury items and I don’t expect you to do it either.


Personal gifts

  • RED roses
  • Captein morgan original spiced gold rum
  • Pink pirate rum (raspberry)
  • Cash tip / PayGoo gift card

Gift cards (blank name):

  • Remove (tattoo removal)
  • Lush (bath & body) ❤ (Snow Fairy body spray & shower soap, American Cream perfume, Sleepy bodylotion & shower soap are my must haves!!)

E-gift cards (norskevalentina@gmail.com)