Story Time

Experience a non-rushed genuine GFE and Cuddles with a discrete & experienced companion.


To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Nationality: Norwegian.

I am 33 years old, 5’7 tall, 75kg, my body measurement are 45-39-43 inches. I have soft sillicone enhanced 40-G cup breasts, long blonde hair and green/brown eyes (they change color naturally sometimes, isn’t that cool and wierd?)

I do have a few tattoos that I don’t show due to privacy & currently removing permanently as well.


My name is Valentina and I’m an expert-level Cuddle Buddy and girlfriend-for-hire based in Oslo. I don’t use phrases and extravagant words I don’t know how to pronounce, the way I write/talk is how I am – straight forward. I have long sexy nails that have the power of making you sleepy while I gently draw with them on your body (my secret superpower!) I’m very down to earth, easy to talk to and a good listener (but I tend to talk a lot too, sorry!)


I started this journey in may 2013 by pure coincidence and never looked back. This profession has educated and formed me in many ways. One of those ways is the ability to see beyond someones physical looks as you can be the most handsome guy in the world, and also the biggest asshole. Looks are deceiving and not a factor in my selection process (neither is your dick size). I’ve never been afraid to be myself or speak my mind – until I entered this world. I thought I had to be in a certain way, look, dress and behave (which is ironic cause I always tell everyone else to be themselves) and even though my style has naturally evolved and totally changed the past few years, It took me a long time to figure out that all I had to do – was to be myself.



I’m very outgoing and social, caring, openminded, reliable, honest, strong minded with a kick and definitly not the «girl next door», type but not the «peacock» type either, something in between I think. In my head I’m still in my 20’s and I don’t think I’ll ever grow up or want to, luckily – I look younger so I use that to my advantage. I’m great at keeping secrets because I can never remember them! I don’t take myself too seriously, the feedback I get is that I’m easy to be around and that it often feels as if we’ve known each other forever, and apparently I’m funny.

Who knew?

Life doesn’t have to be boring, and glitter makes everything better

What’s important for you to know about me, is that even though I’m the nicest person you will ever meet and I do my best to accommodate your needs in every way – I’m no push over. I will bite your head right off if you disrespect me or try to push my boundaries.

Side note: If you don’t like makeup or sillicone breasts, long nails or a neatly shaved body and are more into the “natural cave woman look”, we won’t be a good fit and I suggest you look for someone that suits you better instead of trying to push your opinion on me. I’m not a toy or your wife.


My long experience as a girlfriend for hire has also made me selective in whom I choose to spend my time with, what kind of dates I am comfortable with and what kind of men I prefer. I suck at acting and roleplay feels unnatural to me – so it’s important that you give me as much information about yourself and your personality as possible when submitting a booking request so we can both avoid a painfully awful date. Chemistry is SO important.

Building long term friendships is what I value and seek out.


There is no shame in being different! Each body is unique and we can’t control every aspect of it. I’m not perfect or model petite and I never will be, and that’s ok! We’re only human. I don’t care if you’re a premature ejaculator, if you stutter, are handicapped, wheelchair bound or what you look like – if you’re fat, slim, bald, short, what color your skin is or where you’re from.

I accept you just as you are, as long as you are a kind and respectful gentleman with my favorite ability – to read and wash yourself properly lol.


There are so many amazing men out there that lack intimacy, compassion and understanding in their daily life/marriage/relationships, something that is just as vital & important as the air we breathe. Their lives are often filled with lonelyness, routines, stress, boredom and obligations. I’m here to relieve you of that for a while and make you laugh (at me, not with me of course), forget time, the world, your family, your job, whatever it might be you need to escape from and just have goofy fun with someone who will never judge or guilt trip you.

Please don’t ask about a “menu” as I don’t have one. The experience I share with my gents differ from person to person as it’s very intimate, unique and personal. There is no pre-set experience with me. For me it’s all about the simple pleasures and the excitement we share. I sthrive to establish a true connection, making our time together feel as natural and fun as possible. I am your lover and confidant.

KEYWORDS: passionate lover, good kisser, posesses magic hands & lips, loves cuddles and foot rubs!


I’m not a fetish/kink type of escort, but I do have a few exeptions and you can read about them on my FAQ page.



1) All covered play. I do NOT offer BBFS / BBBJ, PSE or Greek and I will permanently blacklist anyone asking for this.

2) I refuse to see any drug users or drunk clients, keep that shit to yourself.



Please read the Etiquette page to avoid common mistakes.


Or is it the beginning? It’s all up to you!