Payment is made in the beginning of our date and I should not have to ask for it. If we meet out in a public place, be sure to place the payment in a small gift bag.

Gift is optional!



From past unpleasant experience, I find it neccessary to state this: You are freshly showered and groomed from top to toe, that includes mouth wash. Arrive to your escort’s incall clean. No escort wants to stink up her incall with a sweaty, smelly client. Pay attention to your bodily hygiene and offer to take a shower if you must arrive in an unclean state. Refrain from using strong perfume/aftershave.

Please show me the courtesy of not showing up sick to your appointment  or I may have to turn you away.



When using my bathroom, please leave it the same way you found it – dry  and clean. Use only the provided towel and never use my personal ones. I can’t stress enough how annoying it is to step onto wet floor or see that a client has used my personal things, that’s never ok.

A shower shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes, if you want to take a longer one then do it on your paid time. I once had a client take a 25 minute shower (no joke), and as a result of that I have removed the key to the bathroom door.



Overstaying your welcome is a no-no in incall etiquette. Your escort carefully books encounters based on the time she needs between clients. Avoid this issue fully by just leaving when it’s your time to go.



Don’t draw attention to yourself during your arrival or departure. The last thing that an escort needs to do is defend her reputation or tie up loose ends after you’ve interacted excessively with her neighbors. Clients who act disrespectfully, are loud and disruptive or defy an escort’s requests for discretion may be banned from incall encounters permanently.