9am – 10pm

Please note limited availability on weekends.



When you contact me for the first time, be sure to provide me with as much information about yourself and your expectations as possible, after all – I don’t know anything about you but you already know a lot about me from reading my website that I spent hours writing just for you.

I don’t respond to messages like “you available”, “what’s your rates” «hi» You have only 1 chance to make a good first impression, don’t waste it with nonsense. Be respectful of an escorts time.



I may require a deposit. Will be required on all advanced bookings.

Booking a date with me means I may have to decline someone else. By securing our date with a deposit, I can use my time to plan our adventure instead of wondering if you are a timewaster. Believe me, there’s a LOT of those and they are the reason I require it.



Deposits are non-refundable. To this date I have never cancelled on anyone yet, but it CAN happen. If I need to cancel our date, I will let you know as soon as possible and your deposit will be refunded to you, or if you wish, I can hold on to it if you would like to reschedule instead.



For security reasons I require screening of all NEW clients. If you refuse to screen, just know I will refuse to see you. If you’re a good guy with nothing to hide, this shouldn’t be an issue. Simply saying that you’re a “good guy” is not something I can verify and no asshole is ever going to tell me that he’s an asshole. NOTE: I do not visit private residences.


OUTCALL (hotel):

No screening needed! The hotel you are staying at need to have a 24 hour staffed reception (only within Oslo, screening is required when traveling to other cities)


I require some type of employment or identity verification. Please ask for options to choose from.



Please complete the following form in full to submit a booking request. Incomplete forms will be ignored. Your private information will be deleted after verification.


New clients are required to use the booking form. 

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