Booking form issues

There was some wrong settings on my booking form and as a result of that I didn’t receive any booking requests. I apologive for that and if you submitted a correct filled out request and didn’t get aqny response, please try again! xoxo, Valentina.

FLY ME TO YOU Scandinavia

Finally ready to start offering FLY ME TO YOU to Scandinavia from september. Not quite ready for Europe and the rest of the world yet lol. Please read carefully about it before booking to avoid any misunderstanding. Xoxo, Valentina.

Exclusive photos!

For exclusive photos and custom requests (if you would like to see stockings, feet, my sexy nails for example) you are welcome to visit and subscribe to my Onlyfans page. Onlyfans   Enjoy! Xoxo Valentina.

New photos

New photos are coming in a few days, hope you’ll like them 💋 My Onlyfans will also be up and running shortly.

Oversettelse til Norsk

Jeg jobber med å lage sidene på Norsk for de som ikke skjønner engelsk. Det vil være en egen knapp øvest på siden hvor du vil kunne bytte til Norsk eller Engelsk utifra din preferanse. Da jeg må skrive alle sidene for så å legge de inn da google translator ikke er nøyaktig med oversettelsen, … Oversettelse til Norsk

Random thought

Being stuck in a wheelchair doesn’t always mean a person is not able to experience sex. Their sexual needs are often overlooked because of their disability, not understanding that it doesn’t always mean their dick doesn’t work. Mindblowing, isn’t it?

Outfit requests

From time to time I get specific outfit requests. Some of them are wanting me to dress up in thigh high boots with fur coat and red lipstick and other ones in a white blouse with no bra, short skirt with no panties and stockings. In public. Let me be very clear about this: I … Outfit requests


I’m currently doing my reaserch on fly-me-to-you. I want to travel all over the world and meet all of you amazing gentlemen. To start off I will be traveling within Norway, to Sweden and Denmark. Information about this will be posted on Booking page when ready.   xoxo, Valentina.


I am going to set up a small fotoshoot to make some new cover photos for you guys. The one I use now is 3 years old and I’ve lost some weight since so it’s not an accurate representation of me today. It was the only photo I had that would fit this frame so … Photoshoot